about us

Our mission is to transform locally disposed organic waste and biomass into sustainable decentralized energy. We use economically appropriate methods and technology for the production of electric power and conventional transportation fuels.

The DOE has stated: "Currently, biomass is the only clean, renewable energy source that can help to significantly diversify transportation fuels in the U.S."

Key to the accomplishment of our mission is the creation of Green Energy Parks or "GenParks" along with GenPark Networks. We believe individuals in today's economy are beginning to turn towards resource conservation and saving energy. Our mission provides the tools for individuals and their communities to build from the ground-up the most sustainable solutions for

waste disposal and ending reliance on fossil fuels for energy. Our mission provides the means for individuals living in urban communities to save by investing in the development of GenParks that create income and reduce costs. Our mission boils down to making road-maps to sustainable communities by example.